What is it?

Aroc is a racing sled with a tiltable body and waisted runners, which allows the user to make carved and slided turns on the slope. The design makes its usage very convenient, since the handlebars offer a safe grip and the agility of the construction makes steering easy and safe. The special position and the uniqueness of the steering process create an unexpected feeling while riding, quite much like on a motorbike.

How does it work?

Operating the sled is as intuitive as it can get – to tilt the runners, the rider just leans into the curve like on a bike. The construction offers responsive and smooth maneuverability as well as natural shock absorption when seating completely. Let the sled to the steering – the feet are only needed for slowing down. But who needs to brake anyways? Experienced users can let their feet rest on the runners completely and use the friction of the edges and the snow to control the speed.

The handlebars

A continuous ring, emerging from unterneath the seat to the front and back, allows a safe grip in every position. With no uneven pressure and right where you need it, your hand is gonna find a solid grasp while leaning into the curve or speeding straight.

The joints

The mobile pieces of the sled are joined with spring steel. This helps getting the sled back into an upright position – but more importantly, they will never rattle or get stuck.

The runners

The two hinges on each side feature slide bearings, which reduce friction while working perfectly in harsh circumstances and allow the runners to tilt freely. The latter are shaped like conventional skis, fully equipped with steel edges; steep slopes are a piece of cake!

The core piece

Moulded wood offers high stability with a relatively low weight and is very appealing to the touch at the same time. The shape of the core piece is both robust and slightly flexible at the same time. Your backside will thank you!

What’s so special about it?

Aroc is the first sled of its kind that enables truly intuitive turns based on weight shifting. Unlike similar concepts, it really does allow carved turns and doesn‘t have to make compromises regarding the riding position and maneuvring principle. Therefore, the beginner experiences fun and easy access whereas the advanced user finds pleasure in high speed and compromiseless performance.

Production optimization

The sled is composed mostly of moulded wood and welded steel. Where comparable concepts rely on steel frames for the stability and plastic coverings for the comfort, AROC uses the ability of wood to cover both at the same time. It is a renewable material source on one hand and needs comparably low production effort on the other hand. These characteristics incorporate AROC’s vision of providing innovative design, reliable stability and the lowest ecological impact possible.


(planned, depending on beta-series performance)


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We are currently looking for seed capital to get the company started. Our Kickstarter campaign through summer 2017 wasn’t a success, unfortunately, but we’re sure there are other ways. It is now planned to get a beta series on the slope in Winter 2018/19. The final series will go into production in Summer 2019. Depending on how the beta series performs and on the customer demands, there will be up to three models available as depicted above.

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We are currently looking for seed capital to get the company started. Our Kickstarter campaign through summer 2017 wasn’t a success, unfortunately, but we’re sure there are other ways. It is now planned to get a beta series on the slope in Winter 2018/19. The final series will go into production in Summer 2019.

See our project on Kickstarter

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Pre-Production Prototypes

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An exciting Journey


Prototypes Gen 4.0

November 4, 2016

Prototypes Gen 4.0

Success! After building and testing four new sleds, the fourth generation of prototypes held up to the expectations. Manufacturers are set, the design is finished, the sleds could go into production tomorrow. Being perfectionists though, we want to deliver the best possible outcome – so there will be quite some alterations and improvements in the details.

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The first sponsoring contributions arrive

October 10, 2016

A huge help and awesome support in the realization of the first professionally manufactured prototypes.


Production start for prototypes Gen 4.0

August 19, 2016


Design freeze

June 8, 2016

Design freeze

First meeting with manufacturers

April 4, 2016


Testing the new driving principle

March 27, 2016

The various testing phases showed a new and better way of riding the sled. This could firstly be examined with the existing prototypes before diving into another round of design conception.

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Prototypes Gen 3.2

December 2, 2015

Insights from the last test led to small changes of the prototypes and further tests.


Prototypes Gen 3.0

August 26, 2015

Prototypes Gen 3.0

The design of the new prototypes was slightly altered and a lot of technical details have been enhanced. The sled now featured spring steel joints and optimized handles.


Winning the iF Concept Award

March 12, 2015

Only one week later, the result of the iF design competition was published. This highly professional award was a huge honor to receive!


Winning the A’Design Silver Award

March 5, 2015

AROC had won its first award! The jury of the A’Design Award decided that the design of the sled was worth a Silver rating in the sports design category. This is within the top 5% of all entries.


Prototype Gen 2.2

June 17, 2014

The same prototype was modified and completed in order to provide solid data in another round of testing. This was also the beginning of creating a lot of visual content for digital representation, participating in awards and so on.


Appearance on the LOOK Exhibition Aarau

June 6, 2014

The prototype was being presented on a separate booth at the Look Openday 2014 where it generated a lot of positive feedback.


Prototype Gen 2.0

April 24, 2014

Prototype Gen 2.0

The next generation prototype was the first to combine the functions with the design. It was completely handmade and self built. It marked the end of the student project.


Prototypes Gen 1.0

March 28, 2014

Prototypes Gen 1.0

The very first prototype came to life. They had the simple purpose to test the functionality of the established steering concept. Raw wooden planks and brutal steel have something about them, but don’t make for an appealing design – yet.


The name

March 12, 2014

The name

When we thought about how to name the product, it was important to us that it not only represents the sportive character of the project, but emphasizes the emotional and fresh attitude towards sledding. AROC is short and easy to remember and has a strong and dynamic air.


Birth of an innovative idea for winter sports

February 10, 2014

Shortly after the team of three was built, the idea of creating an innovative sled is born.

Sponsors & Partners



Gäumalerei Hug AG

Bühler AG

ISP Küchen Zofingen AG

Immobauplus AG

Hirt Accogli AG

Heizteam Savaris AG

Barbara und Bruno Aeschbacher



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