06 Jul 2016

Negotiating with Producers

The Design is set, the way is clear, now this is the less fun part. The whole thing must be broken down and thoroughly thought through to be producible and feasible both economically and in terms of materials.

Thanks to our experience with previous prototypes, there already are various partners which are willing to contribute in the project. Now it’s up to us to present them processable data and a plan how to bring our baby to life.

We have won Hess & Co. GmbH to produce the wooden parts – which is great, because they’re a swiss company with a huge experience in creating best quality plywood also in the sports industry. They are very keen on supporting innovative teams and bringing unique ideas to a new level. Of course we are looking forward to working with them.

Additionally, we’ve done quite some administrative tasks, such as creating a detailed investment plan. Slowly we’re evolving into an enterprise.

More exciting things to come!

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