16 Nov 2016

Testing successfully accomplished

Approaching the finish line with the prototypes

After some moments of getting to know the new prototypes and how to ride them, the level of fun grew bigger and bigger. It turned out that we’ve done a good job in the last year of rethinking the concept and the design. Firstly, the sleds were a huge head-turner and pulled the crowd’s attention wherever they appeared. Secondly, they worked pretty much exactly how they are supposed to. Basically, the sled could go into production tomorrow. Being perfectionists though, we want to enhance the performance and fix minor problems in the details. This will take some time, but regarding the approaching winter season, we got plenty of that along with the possibility to test more frequently.

Preparing for mass production

Since a lot of manufacturing for the prototypes was done in an extremely costly manner, the next step now is to optimize all the production processes for mass production. It also includes getting tenders from different manufacturers, so it’s gonna be a lot of negotiating¬†again.

Credibility and professionalism

The project has evolved far past leisure activity. As mentioned before, we are preparing to found an enterprise. Apparently, this is now taking place a bit sooner – in the next two months if everything lines up. This should give us new possibilities of presenting ourselves and provide for a more coherent appearance – which is crucial especially when it comes to negotiating selling prices and potential investment amounts.

Most importantly, we are absolutely happy about the outcome so far and super motivated to hit the next step!

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